Welcome to RVacation Campground
428 Campground Rd, Selma NC 27576

Photo inventory of sites

a1.jpg (126037 bytes)
A1-30 FHU wide
Site A2  50FHU.JPG (90573 bytes)
A2-50/30 FHU
Site A3 50FHU.jpg (127248 bytes)
A3-50/30 FHU
Site A5  -FHU 50 amp-.JPG (551684 bytes)
A4-50/30 FHU
Site A5  D30FHU.JPG (97796 bytes)
A5-50/30 FHU
a6.jpg (131151 bytes)
A6-30 FHU s/s
Site A7  30FHU.JPG (78578 bytes)
A7-30 FHU s/s

Site B1 30WE.jpg (288285 bytes)

B1-30 WE 
Site B2-30WE.jpg (126324 bytes)
B2-30 WE s/s
Site B3 50WE.jpg (330280 bytes)
B3-50/30 WE
b4.jpg (123664 bytes)
B4-50/30 FHU wide
b5.jpg (125267 bytes)
B5-50/30 FHU wide
b6.jpg (129277 bytes)
B6-30 FHU s/s
b7.jpg (132514 bytes)
B7-30FHU s/s

Site B9-30WE.jpg (125250 bytes)
B8-30 WE s/s
  Site C1 30WE lakeside.jpg (294827 bytes)
C1-30 WE
C2 (2).JPG (123697 bytes)
C2-50/30 FHU
Site C3-50WE.jpg (125255 bytes)
C3-50/30 FHU
Site C4-30WE.jpg (126367 bytes)
C6-30 FHU s/s
Site C5-30FHU.jpg (77774 bytes)Site C5-30FHU from front.jpg (126606 bytes)
C7-30 FHU s/s
c6.jpg (124146 bytes)
C4-50/30 FHU
Site C7 50FHU from back.JPG (101550 bytes)Site C7 50FHU from front.jpg (128127 bytes)
C5-50/30 FHU
Site D1 30FHU.jpg (270454 bytes)
D1-30 FHU wide
Site D2 50WE.jpg (267077 bytes)
D2-50/30 FHU
Site D3 50WE.JPG (97656 bytes)
D3-50/30 FHU
Site D4 D30WE with customer.JPG (129777 bytes)
D4-50/30 FHU
D5 (2).JPG (124434 bytes)
D5-50/30 FHU
Site D6 30FHU(2).jpg (129078 bytes)
D6-30 FHU s/s
Site D7 30WE (from back).jpg (127364 bytes)
D7-30 FHU s/s
Site E2  -FHU D30 amp-.JPG (563871 bytes)
E1-50/30 FHU
Site E2 50FHU (2).jpg (120789 bytes)
E2-50/30 FHU
e3.jpg (128196 bytes)
E3-50/30 FHU
e4.jpg (129150 bytes)
E4-50/30 FHU
Site E5 50FHU.JPG (77874 bytes)
E5-50/30 FHU
e6.jpg (123786 bytes)
E6-30 FHU s/s
Site E7 30FHU.JPG (80919 bytes)
E7-30 FHU s/s
Site F1  -FHU 50 amp-.JPG (560333 bytes)
F1-50/30 FHU
f2.jpg (124541 bytes)
F2-50/30 FHU
Site F3 50FHU.JPG (87137 bytes)
F3-50/30 FHU
Site F4 50FHU.jpg (128427 bytes)
F4-50/30 FHU
f5.jpg (124676 bytes)
F5-50/30 FHU
Site G1 50 FHU.JPG (557980 bytes)
G1-50/30 FHU
g2.jpg (128804 bytes)
G2-50/30 FHU
Site G3 50FHU (2).JPG (124927 bytes)
G3-50/30 FHU
Site G4 50FHU.JPG (120941 bytes)
G4-50/30 FHU
office building 2.JPG (71491 bytes)
view from front 2008.jpg (291759 bytes)
View of park
Favorite Scene.jpg (1270581 bytes)
Lake scene


Shower and restroom facilities

Men's bathroom sinks and showers.jpg (71277 bytes)Men's bathroom sinks.JPG (152674 bytes)
The men's restroom has four sinks, one urinal, two toilets, and three showers.  
Renovated bathroom sinks.JPG (36289 bytes)Renovated bathroom stalls.JPG (30472 bytes)
The women's restroom has four sinks, three showers, and three toilets. 
Terra cotta shower tile.JPG (48617 bytes)Water stain blue shower tile.JPG (48284 bytes)
New floor tile in men's and women's showers


Customer conveniences

courtesy phone outdoor.JPG (561739 bytes)
Outdoor courtesy phone
courtesy phone indoor.jpg (351282 bytes)
Indoor courtesy phone 
store and registration area.jpg (243724 bytes)
Convenience store and registration area
folding table and dryers.JPG (42877 bytes)
Laundry Room
propane sales.JPG (555835 bytes)
Propane gas
corner behind registration desk.jpg (204466 bytes)
Registration area
Lake shot from end of B row EDITED.jpg (75309 bytes)
Lake fishing


Pet friendly

Precious Foley.JPG (523912 bytes)
Precious Foley

vampire.jpg (48357 bytes)
Camper (her best vampire smile)

Mr. Lynch and Sydney.JPG (64778 bytes)
Mr. Lynch and Sydney

Lacey, Dalton, Lizzie Heath.JPG (81846 bytes)
Lacey and Dalton Heath with Lizzie


Fishing Stories

pat Gaudio 2 5 Jul 09.jpg (51257 bytes) Pat Gaudio 5 Jul 09.jpg (36194 bytes)
Pat Gaudio catches a large bass, 7 Jul 09

Marlene Blaisdell hooked a bass

Les Wise
Kevin Maier catch and release.jpg (256770 bytes) Kevin Maier oct 082.jpg (290580 bytes)
Kevin Maier, Oct 08
Catching and Releasing